SH-4160F Beheizbare Sitzauflage12V, DE LUXE, für PKW und Transporter


Obbomed heated seat pad makes it possible: Warm seat – relaxed driving.
Comfortable warmth for the driver or co-driver in autumn and winter due to rapid heating of the seat cushion and 2 heat settings.
Warm, comfortable and sitting with back support in the cold season not only in the vehicle, even at home or in the office (via 230V power supply, not included).

Product data:
– 2 heating levels, level 1 pleasant, slow warming, 20W, level 2 rapid warming 45W
– connection cigarette lighter 12V / 3.75Amp, power level 1 / 20W and level 2 / 45W
– 5Amp fuse and temperature sensor, protection against overload / overheating
– Suitable for vehicle
seats with side airbags – ROHS compliant, e-marked

approx. 100 x 43cm, universally suitable for almost all front seats


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