MG-1600 Übergroße Wasserdichte Essschürze / Latzschürze /Kleidungsschutz mit Einstellbarer Großer Tasche im Oberen Bereich

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– Extra large size with adjustable pocket at the top of the apron, special attachment in the chest area to create a large bag, to collect drinking and food waste, which can then be easily removed and the apron cleaned.

– Due to the large size of the upper body and thigh is covered as far as possible and protected against splashing or falling food particles. Also provides protection against clothing soiling in other applications, such as hygiene or dental care.

– Protects clothing from spilling hot or cold food and also from scalds and stains.

– Adjustable Velcro fastener ensures good fastening with high wearing comfort. Application for persons with reduced mobility possible.

– Waterproof material protects and keeps clothes clean while wearing comfort.

– Easy to clean by hand with a damp cloth and soapy water.

– Latex free.

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The ObboMed MG-1600 oversized eating apron provides maximum protection from the chest to the lap against spills, scalds and stains.

The adjustable Velcro fit is easier to use than buttons or snaps and makes it easier for people with reduced mobility. Waterproof; Machine washable for easy cleaning.

Provides convenient food intake, provides protection for users and safety for caregivers.



– Dining apron with adjustable pocket * 1

– Colored insert



– Dimensions: 61 x 122 cm

– Material: 100% polyester / Velcro

– Weight: 120 g

– Color: sky balu


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